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February 10th, 2013, 06:01
Huzzah, finally finished! "Took you long enough!", my brother said. Indeed, an entire month of summer practically. Wow, what a game.
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
But honestly, I think you´ll kick Cinder´s ass to stratosphere right away, slabs or no slabs
Hehe, cheers for that vote of confidence. Though I must say it was quite brutal and took me a handful of deaths to understand that I couldn't remain toe to toe with him for too long. He simply hacks away too quickly and before you know it, your stamina is gone. My method was slightly cheesy actually, but there didn't seem to be many other tactics I could come up with due to his speed.

Coming from the Chasm in the Abyss held me in good stead for the fight simply because of the huge amount of humanity I'd picked up killing ghosts on the way to Manus a bunch of times. That meant I could rely on these (instant fix!) instead of estus flasks if required.

I love how the music for this encounter has this sedate quasi-romantic quality instead of the usual and almost expected bombastic overture. Gwyn almost lullingly floats in your general direction with every sword arc.
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
You know what fight to postpone till after DLC on a potential replay .
Duly noted. Not sure what kind of character I'd go for in a replay, maybe a dextrous assassiny type or magic user/pyromancer, maybe even a two-handed bruiser type since I missed out on many weapons due to my low strength.
(I beat Gwyn with a Lightning Mace+5, despite his heavy resistance. Can I also say Mouse and Keyboard ftw!)
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
If you´ve progressed through Onionhead´s storyline in a certain way,
Yeah, I think I must have missed the previous encounter/trigger in order to meet him at the final location you mention. I remember him saying he was going down from Firelink and met and helped him in Blighttown, but after that I don't recall seeing him again.

Well, it's been a jolly grand adventure. Thanks all for reading my bollocksy words and also to the posters who gave assistance and words of wisdom along the way.
To conclude, I'll give a list of my favourite boss fights:
1. Sif. (Purity and dignity) 2. Gravelord Nito (Atmosphere and slow, grim doominess!) 3. Sanctuary Guardian (Tactics, observation and movements) 4. Bell Gargoyles (Difficulty and location) 5. Seath the Scaleless (Aesthetics and remoteness) 6. Smough and Ornstein (dynamics, melee strife!)
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