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February 10th, 2013, 09:47
So I bought a new PC recently and installed Windows 7 for the first time. And then I immediately ran into a problem with a conflict of irqs. It means that my PC turns off randomly complaning about irq being less or equal and pointing to netio.sys.

According to google, many other people have this problem with Windows 7, it's related to network and the solution is to update its driver. I attempted to do that, but it's already the latest version and refuses to update. Others say that the problem can be solved by disabling the custom firewall, but I had it before I installed the firewall.

How can I figure out what exactly conflicts with network drivers? It's sort of hard to grope in the dark. My guess is that it's related to audio, because often sound becomes "distorted" right before the PC turns off, it's pretty much a sign that it's going to turn off soon. But I couldn't find an IRQ it uses to confirm it, and there's no seperate sound card in my PC to remove.
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