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February 10th, 2013, 09:25
This game has really plummeted in price, I saw it for 15 bucks today at Best Buy. I couldnt justify the purchase tho, since I already have it on Steam and havent played it…

Bummed the general consensus amongst the rpg brotherhood is less than favorable. This many people dissing it cannot be all wrong.

I still dont get how people can keep fucking up zombie games, it's really not a difficult formula. Everyone wants to play 'Dawn of the Dead', so make the damn game already. Endless tide/huge rotting open world of undead, traditional shambling undead living dead, that try and eat you not beat you to death. They die w/ a shot to the skull only, or outright annihilation of course. Realistic weapons, but lots of firepower - People generally dont want to run around hacking at fucking zombies with melee weapons. Youve got to occasionally, but mostly gunning the things down. Struggle for food, fuel, shelter, ammo/weapons amongst tribes of survivors as well as the undead. Someone just make that goddamn game already, everyone would buy it and you'd be a legend
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