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February 10th, 2013, 13:32
Originally Posted by tolknaz View Post
Seriously, what the fuck?!?! Are you for real?
I certainly am for real. Why is it so strange to expect that an industry that (ideally, at least) strives to produce quality audiovisual entertainment does it with the tools that, nowadays, are at their disposal? So many people want video games to be considered a fine art and usually forget that the only reason that one day that may be possible is the proximity (not similarity, but proximity) video games have to movies. Voice acting is the acting you get in a video game, the musical score is important too, the graphics is your cinematography here… Besides this point, which has nothing to do with the discussion about Wasteland 2, a role playing game - in my opinion, and the opinion of many more - is not about tactical combat, strategical decisions, skills/attributes and equipment management or puzzle solving. Those elements can be present in a role playing game (I am talking about either pen & paper or cRPG versions), they are present in most cases, but the essence of the thing is the role playing, as the name of the genre implies. Not just filling a role, but more than that, interpreting a role.
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