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February 10th, 2013, 16:20
MigRib, again, kudos for a great reply. I understand excactly what you mean when you describe your PnP experiences, and I think your opinion on games is as valid as anyone elses on these forums. We just have different tastes. I wouldn't say I loathe Fallout 3, since I've played through it a couple of times, probably spending more hours on it then I did on the originals. But for me, it wasn't the right way to do a Fallout game, I would probably have liked it alot a more if the title was something else. Because I LOVE tactical combat, be it turn-based or RTWP, although I prefer the former. Combine that with good roleplaying with lots of choices, spreat sheets, dialogue options and a solid story and I start to weep out of happiness. And for me, Wasteland 2 looks exactly like the kind of game I wished Fallout 3 would be. That demo and what it implies is the reason I've pledged for loads of games on Kickstarter, because it delivers what I want most in a CRPG.

Again, thanks for your input, although we heavily desagree on what makes a good cRPG, you've certainly won my respect.
No need to thank me, I know I'm not alone in the world in what concerns to my taste (of course not, Fallout New Vegas, Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim were best-sellers) but I suppose most people on this forum heavily disagrees with me about what makes a good cRPG, so I end up often in discussions, and not all of them end in this understanding fashion. I really don't share my opinion in a trolling state of mind (though I think sometimes people, used to what is the "unwritten norm" in the forum, do think I'm trolling). I would take my business elsewhere, but as far as I know there's no such a thing as a site about cRPGs with a majority of people who like the same games I prefer. Probably on the general foruns, but not those specifically dedicated to role playing. That's why I tend to read the news and keep a low profile (yeah, this is low profile, though it might not look like it is at this moment - but I read the news and posts almost every day, so…).
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