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February 10th, 2013, 16:51
It's not quite that simple. Another price you pay, is that in any big game (And RPG-s tend to be quite big) there are many more characters in the game, than voice actors available. Oblivion was notorious for everyone basically sounding the same and that was a major reason why many peaople loathed it.
Another big problem is, that voice acting is usually recorded far before a game gets released. When the developer wants to iterate and change things around, they simply can't without arranging another voice acting session.
Even then I would rather have, I will not say bad, but acceptable, voice acting, than no voice acting at all. It's my personal preference. Oblivion had that problem, but I don't mind that much. I played it, could play it again. But I can't play Morrowind just because the voice acting is almost null (and the voice actors are mainly the same, so in your opinion probably it's just as bad as Oblivion, just more tolerable, because there's less talk)

In conclusion i think proper VA needs both a very good VA director, and many different voice actors (preferably at least one for every major character and enough for minor characters). Otherwise there is no point of doing full VA at all. Games like Oblivion and Deus Ex certainly suffered because of low quality VA, and these were AAA games with enormous budgets. A game like Wasteland 2 has simply no resources for full VA.
Well that's unfortunate for Wasteland 2, in my opinion.

EDIT: By the way, when I mentioned Deus Ex and Vampire the Masquerade I wasn't talking about voice acting, but about turn-based combat and tactical gameplay. I might have talked about voice acting also in the same post, but the sentence you quoted was my mistake. I do agree that the voice acting in Deus Ex is rather bad (the old one, not Deus Ex: HR, which is very good in the voice departement).
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