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February 10th, 2013, 18:32
Very intersting comments here.
I guess you can divide Computer RPGs basically into the same "categories" as pen and paper RPGs.

There are the typical Games like D&D, Das Schwarze Auge and similar, focusing heavily on Character progression and combat, even if the own system does not necessarily "promote" that, it is often in the focus and/or takes a lot of time.
These would reflect the "old school RPGs" like Wasteland 2 is doing now.

Then there are games like Vampire and I am sure that there are games with even less focus on rules. I mean these games have rules, but they are extremely simplified compared to DSA or D&D where you basically (can) do a roll for everything.
These would reflect games like Vampire: The Masquerade and partially also games like Mass Effect, where combat is almost a "non-factor".

In addition you can also add in the "Chose your own adventure games" as an "additional" category. With a fixed book, where you have like 2 or 3 paths on some decisions, like you have in the Mass Effect or Dragon Age games - they are very focused on like 10-20 locations and decisions - opposing to Sandbx games like Skyrim or Fallout.
You could also play these games on your own, without friends, but that's another story.

So while everyone has their preferences on these Pen and Paper Systems (where I would prefer the D&D or DSA-like systems) the same goes for the CRPG sub-genres I guess (where I'd chose the D&D/DSA Systems as favorites). Of course the borders are not strictly set, you can like more than one category and you can also shift a game from one category to another. For example you can play Das Schwarze Auge without making rolls for the weather each day. The same way in which you can change the difficulty to easy specially in pausable real-time combat games, and with that neglect the whole character progression and (tactical) combat aspect of the game.
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