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February 10th, 2013, 18:01
Originally Posted by Asdraguuhl View Post
In JA2, good group coordination greatly increases your chances of succes. In fact, the game mechanics are built on the concept of coordinated group tactics.

I'd say that those who play solo do so as a challenge or to exploit the fact that your character levels up faster, not because of the gameplay being a pain in the ass. Needless to say, I do not agree with your assessment.
While I agree, there are also games where the gameplay is a pain in the ass when playing a group. And that is also one of the reasons why the streamlining kicked in.

In a turn based combat system you need to do each and every combat, which can be extremely boring if it takes long and you will win anyways.

In a pausable real-time combat system it can be a pain in the ass just to coordinate all the different characters because the AI doesn't do the job. I actually never finished NWN2 due to that. Dragon Age 1 wasn't that much better either, where I changed the difficulty to easy for the DLC as the fights there were so boring (well, the story was as well, but that's on a different page).

So I guess I can see where this is a problem.
In addition a first person/ one character perspective is more immersive than an equally good third person/ party based perspective.

Both have their pros and cons of course. Personally I either want a turn based group RPG or a real time/solo RPG (first person if possible). Compromises between these two things don't really work that good for me but this is what you mainly get nowadays, even if it's just "on the side" like these extremely superfluous and incredibly stupid companions in the Bethesda games which need to be immortal in order to work in the game.
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