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February 10th, 2013, 19:28
Originally Posted by xSamhainx View Post
This game has really plummeted in price, I saw it for 15 bucks today at Best Buy. I couldnt justify the purchase tho, since I already have it on Steam and havent played it…

Bummed the general consensus amongst the rpg brotherhood is less than favorable. This many people dissing it cannot be all wrong.

I still dont get how people can keep fucking up zombie games, it's really not a difficult formula. Everyone wants to play 'Dawn of the Dead', so make the damn game already. Endless tide/huge rotting open world of undead, traditional shambling undead living dead, that try and eat you not beat you to death. They die w/ a shot to the skull only, or outright annihilation of course. Realistic weapons, but lots of firepower - People generally dont want to run around hacking at fucking zombies with melee weapons. Youve got to occasionally, but mostly gunning the things down. Struggle for food, fuel, shelter, ammo/weapons amongst tribes of survivors as well as the undead. Someone just make that goddamn game already, everyone would buy it and you'd be a legend
You have just described Dead Island and DayZ! Nothing wrong with melee in my view if done right, which was done well in Dead Island. In fact is it more difficult than ranged shooting because of the localised damage, dismemberment animations .. etc.

I played Dead Island for about 20 hours and really was taken by surprise by how well it was made and the variety and amount of quests and side quests. My main gripes with it is the transition between single and multiplayer view during cut scences (because of lean towards co-op).

The other major gripe that made me quit the game after 20 hours was that my quest log suddenly got messed up and lost my main quests from the log. Tried loading previous saves but it did not work and so did not want to go over the whole thing again. Otherwise, well made and excuted game.
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