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February 10th, 2013, 19:41
To add to tolknaz, I think your dual objectives of immersive design detail and actual "Role-playing" are intractably at odds and that is confusing us. The distaste for tactical combat is a very unusual dislike for someone who proclaims such a long history with RPGs and we could have an entire argument over that PnP-wise, but that's for RPG.net on another day. I acknowledge your preference and recognize the PnP game style; I've seen it before.
Uncommon, yes, in a global way, but you probably know of some people who like my style of play, PnPwise. Most of my players were of the same opinion, the ones who weren't didn't play with me for long and went to other groups where tactical combat was the main course.

My problem is that you've already acknowledged the expense of full voice, but still proclaim the greatness of it without really acknowledging the inherent limitations.
You probably skipped some bits, too much text already… I acknowledge the limitations, but I can live with them. Not only the limitations in game, but also the limitations due to the cost of voice acting, that means that I rarely find a cRPG that I like. Fortunately Bethesda's games take long hours to finish and even BioWare's are long enough to take my spare time. On some ocasions I turn to adventure games or action adventure.

If full voice acting is really *that* important to you, then I can say with pretty good certainty that absolutely no RPG will be available to you for a budget less than, oh say, $12 million US (You know what? don't even let me quote a number. Even that may be low). The cost of paying talented designers and engineers plus all the ancillary stuff to make VA worthwhile is an order of magnitude greater than what we're working with here. Quality of the actors isn't nearly as big a concern as the production required to make it happen. This kickstarter stuff just isn't your world.
Again there was a misunderstanding. The voice acting theme went a bit out of proportion after a while. I wasn't expecting this game to be fully voice acted, but was expecting to see something more Falloutish. Maybe it will become so over time. Anyway, I mentioned earlier that kickstarter games really aren't for me, and Wasteland 2 was one of the very few I even gave a second thought about, just because of Fargo and Avellone.
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