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February 10th, 2013, 21:24
Basically, I think all games -contain- art and are made up of it. But to talk about games, as a coherent product, being artistic in nature, you can't just have pretty graphics, nice music, or an interesting narrative. Your mechanics need to be, themselves, central to the overall artistic experience, or you're experiencing art-in-games rather than art-as-games.
Theoretically I can see your point and maybe agree with it. But I'm not sure and this is so off-topic that I think I'll cut it short. The example you gave, Hotline Miami, does not help, because, even though I didn't play it (just watched videos on Youtube) I had a hard time believing it was a real game and not a joke, and then was amazed when there critical praise to the game. So… I don't know.

Just to be clear, I'm disagreeing with your argument, sometimes implicit but often explicit, that tactical elements make a game less of an RPG. It's perfectly fine that you don't prefer that kind of game, haha, and I understand that. I'm not even arguing that tactical-style RPGs are objectively better games. This is a purely definitional discussion.
OK, maybe I implied and sometimes was more explicit that I really do not like tactical elements. You couldn't sell me a cRPG with heavy tactical elements (although you could easily sell me X-COM - but just on sale -, because it's a strategy game with some elements of an RPG thrown in, and that I can play - although not for long, a couple of hours and I'm already tired of it). If you invited me to play a PnP campaign with a strong tactical element I wouldn't accept the invitation. That does not mean I refuse the concept of RPG with tactical combat, lot's of strategical planning. It exists, there are games that revolve around that, I even played some in the past. It just isn't my thing.
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