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February 11th, 2013, 04:55
You will regret going down with the videocard. Stay with the 680m 4GB. You'll definitely want the extra video ram for modding skyrim or other games and future proofing a little more.

I wouldn't count on upgrading later. I purchased an " upgradable laptop" a while back. it had nice removable panals over each component. 1 yr later when I wanted to upgrade. It was extremely difficult to find what I needed. Then when I found it it was vastly overpriced and under powered. Everything that was a real upgrade required more psu than my laptop had so basically it wasn't really upgradable in the sense that a desktop pc is.

In other words don't skimp on video or CPU. A slow CPU will bottleneck your GPU and not allow it to scale well. Also many games now are 15GB or more so storage could become an issue.

Next gen consoles are just around the corner so min and recommend pc spec should see a nice increase if you want to run at full setting a year from now.

Buy the fastest GPU and CPU you can afford ( in that order) then a min of 8 GB memory, 16 if you can because its cheap then as much storage as they offer. As I said earlier memory and hardrive should be upgradable but GPU and CPU could be much harder do to psu requirements. Assuming the are upgradable at all.
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