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February 11th, 2013, 08:21
My comment had nothing to do with hate rune_74. I just explained they only have four options for the franchise. Regardless I won't apologize as you make plenty of snarky comments on peoples opinions all time. You also give good opinions at the same time.

Now back on topic. The idea is, regardless of when it actually does take place compared to what Shepard did, it's not relevant. They don't want to consider it a sequel or prequel or interquel of the existing Mass Effect games, even if it technically would be, because calling it any of those would imply story and/or character connections that I don't think they're putting in there.

It has to be set sometime in the franchises history no matter what. The name 'Mass Effect 4' exists solely as a placeholder for the lack of a better name for the next game in the series.
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