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February 11th, 2013, 10:41
Originally Posted by Bedwyr View Post
Huh??? What you quoted me saying had nothing to do with technological development of video games. I was addressing the preference in PnP games to use systems and systems' combat less, not video games. Clarify please.
My comment addresses this line among others:

The distaste for tactical combat is a very unusual dislike for someone who proclaims such a long history with RPGs and we could have an entire argument over that PnP-wise, but that's for RPG.net on another day.
Once put into historical context, tactical combat is no essential feature in RPG. It is simply a feature that designers knew how to make from the start when starting to ponder over what role playing games are.

The knowledge was inherited from wargaming. Designers usually go for some secure knowledge when they start to developp a new genre in gaming.

Tactical combat is not role playing. When playing a RPG, you are not interested in tactical combat, you are interested in RP. Wargamers are interested in tactical combat. Not RPGers.

So here the idea of progress is dismissed: just because designers went for secure knowledge at the start of developping what would be a new genre is forced as being a essential in the genre. No. It simply shows that people start on some basis, and when a commercial project, will usually look for something that is already well developped.

It is similar to the turn based notion.

Used by video gamers, this term exclusively refers to the turn sequence known as UgoIgo. It is very strange for two reasons:
- because tabletop and board games designers' efforts have been focused on getting away from that sequence. That is the history of those games. But most of them are turned based. They have simply moved away from the UgoIgo sequence.
-because the UgoIgo turn sequence is convenient for TTGs and BGs as players have to manage the resolutions by themselves but inappropriate for computers. Computers are somehow good at something: computing. And when usually the computations involved in a TTG for a four hours session or more only takes one second to be resolved on a computer.

In both cases, the idea of progress is rejected. It is rejected in BG, TTG and it is rejected as computers's specificity is under used.

Why did designers go for tactical combat and UgoIgo sequence at start? Because they knew how to do it. But they were mere stages on the path to developping the RPG genre. They never were essential.

Pressing the tactical combat or UgoIgo sequences as marks of a RPG can not hold.

RPG's essence is not about combat. It is neither telling or tailoring a story. It is role playing.
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