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February 11th, 2013, 15:17
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Although the tailoring of a story is, understandably, more easily confused with the concept of role playing games. Maybe not in the world of video games, where it appears that tactical combat passes off easily as role playing (and tailoring stories is more the realm of adventure games), but in PnP, where there's even a theory, much in vogue a few years ago, claiming that the construction of a narrative should be the aim of the new role playing games. Notice that I am not endorsing any of these concepts, just stating them. I understand the reasons behind them, it is easier, as you already wrote, to base cRPGs in tactical combat, as it easier to base a PnP RPG in the construction of a narrative, taking turns among the people around the table, than it is to… just role play.
Games for which the aim is to build a narrative are not new role playing games. They are not role playing games. They are narrative games.

One thing is sure: the influence of video games and the way the concept of role playing games has been distorted will show in the other forms of role playing games.

Before, players played role playing games before they played video games (and such so called video games)

Now, players come to other forms of role playing games after playing so called role playing games on computers.

The result is predictable: they will tend to consider more and more what they call rpgs on computers as being role playing games elsewhere.

It is something I've been monitoring (loosely) I noticed that players that started by video gaming and who maybe never play a role playing game in their life other than so called role playing games on computers tend to call wargames on a skirmish scale are RPGs. Discussing it with some players, if games like Infinity or Eden had progression systems, they would call them RPGs.
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