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February 11th, 2013, 20:47
Someone in the earlier posts mentioned Darklands. This one i also recommend.
And also apart from Betrayal at Krondor you could try Betrayal in Andara as well.
Now as for older games i want to add that for most younger gamers what it's impossible to cope with is the lack of map.I started playing RPGs at the mid 90's and checked the 80's games later.From my experience i have to say that you definitely need a walkthrough for some of them(like the Bard's Tale series).Also it's somewhat a myth the fact that old games where more deep in terms of choices and consequences of your actions.But what made them great and still playable is the gameplay.So if you don't mind about graphs all the previous comments have covered the list of games you should try
PS M&M 6-7-8 for sure with M&M7 my favorite.
PS 2 Ok M&M 8 can be considered a "casual gamer's" choice since it's very easy …if you choose the right characters.
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