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February 11th, 2013, 20:59
This is an open discussion of the show, so if you dont want to see spoilers dont read the thread!

Oh yeah, you got me all riled up about it now, I've had a few minutes to stew over it all. They could have been more subtle about it, you know. Have him see her there, then blink and she's gone. Have her haunt him, draw him (and us) in and gradually have his sanity slipping and have it be detrimental. They did this before with the "phone episode" and it kinda sucked because it's just not believable. Someone doesnt just suddenly flip between outright psychosis / hallucinations and lucidity. I'm no trained shrink, but still - it doesnt work for me. Instead, they take bazooka approach and alienate the main character during a pivotal point of the show. Then again, i dont work in television, maybe that's what will ultimately make good tv and something good will come of it. It just didnt sit right w/ me.

That's just one point of yuck thru the entire episode that I didnt like:

-Yeah right, the town of woodbury are going to suddenly be trying to just up and leave the relative comfort and security of the town. The militia are there at the front gate, literally blasting away at the legions of the dead outside waiting for them and their children, but they dont care. Let them out. yeah, right

-Rick's treatment of Mission (or however you spell it) , I dont believe he would have actually treated her like that. She risked her life not once, but several times for them. She's obviously a competent warrior who can handle herself, even moreso than most of the group. He wouldnt be planning to throw her out on her ear like that.

-Merle is a complete asshole, but him showing no smarts whatsoever is not what he does. Left in the middle of the zombie apocalypse with nothing and nowhere to go is not consistent with his character. I even wanted him to shut the hell up, and I usually love his dialogue. He's an asshole, but he's not completely ignorant. He does what he needs to, to survive, even if it's stabbing someone in the back at a later date. I dont see him stirring the pot as he did, when he did.

-Andrea's half-minute "Patton Speech" rallying the town (there was only like 15 people there!) just suddenly quelled the entire revolt? It was eye-rolling to the max. Nothing about "hey, by the way youre safer here" but "we're gonna be in the history books!".
Cozy, no i dont think so

-The gov drags himself out, puts a bullet in the skull, then drags back in and hides behind the blinds. Really, a charismatic leader is going to do that? That just sucked. This is a guy that drives up to a force of national guard with a pistol and bulletproof vest. I dont think so.
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