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February 11th, 2013, 21:20
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
Fan feedback the bane of all new rpg's. Why don't we ask Bioware what the fans wanted and they delivered on. I follow the belief make the game you want to your best ability.

Fans don't even know what they want in games. You will never please everybody. It's not possible.
That is a point. But it must be read for what it is: for the Witcher 2, CD project had listened to the fans. The fans stated they wanted an "old school" game, one with a complex story, one you are not hand held in it etc The result is known: fans found the political twists too difficult to follow, they found the lack of tutorial detrimental..

So it is better to read it that CD project have learned how to listen to fans, by not listening to what they ask but rather see what they adopt and reject.

If a fan states he would love to play a game like this but actually his way of playing shows he would loathe play a game like this, CD project is going to make a game like that.
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