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February 11th, 2013, 20:48
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
Yes, it was told to narrativist gamers. Actually, anytime I GM a game, I tell that the session is how role playing, not looking for builds, not looking for the elaboration of a narrative etc

How people call things do not change what things are, when they are things like RPG.

Narrative game players can call their games RPGs. That wont make them RPGs.

They could call football RPG.
Well, of course everything is a question of definition, or the question about what most prople consider it to be.
Like "the sun is not shining today" implies that at some days the sun does something different. When in fact it's shining the same way and just the sunbeams are covered by clouds. So how do you define a "shining sun"?

And with RP(G) it's the same thing.
The core "concept" is playing a role. And nothing more. So basically when 2000 years ago the greeks did theatres this already was roleplaying. Nowadays when you are invited to talk about your application as salesman - you might need to roleplay a situation. But this doesn't mean you have a rule system in your back.

Then you have got RPGs as in pen and paper. This is just a "mutation" of the Roleplaying mentioned above. Actually they put together wargaming with roleplaying and out came what's now most of our pen and paper rulesets. Most of them including tactical combats and character progression. That is also why pen and paper roleplayers are parodied like in The Gamers.

And now there are Computer Role Playing games. And depending on when and with whom you learnt to know them you might consider the "standard crpg" something different than somebody else. I guess most of us consider the "classical CRPG" something like what they did with Wasteland 2. But of course this is not the only form of Roleplaying Game. But this is the one which was considered a Computer RPG first. They mainly copied Pen and Paper values and not true RP values. They were about tactics, stats and of course also story. But you hardly did real "Roleplaying" like when you run around and get take 100g from an old woman's table you will take it, if the game does not give you any penalty. Or did you seriously "roleplayed" your character and didn't take it if it had no effect?
So maybe if the marketd developed differently we would call Shooters roleplaying games today. But when shooters came up, they didn't really tell a story and the term CRPG was already taken. And while Shooters took over storytelling today and are overlapping with RPGs, this wasn't the case in the beginning.

Now let's go a step further into MMORPGs and this is where I actually see the "collision" the most. MMORPGs are, by definition, Roleplaying Games. However they are RPGs in terms of "Classical RPGs" and not in terms of what is called RolePlay as in Playing a Role. This is why there are dedicated RolePlaying Servers.
Lots of people playing on a Roleplaying Server don't even now what the "RP-Server" is about. They only know roleplaying in terms of CRPGs, not in terms of Playing a Role. So you have players playing an MMORPG as a CRPG and players who play an MMORPG as in Playing a Role. The second group is much smaller though and I guess this is where you see most, how much definition of RPG changed over all these iterations.
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