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February 11th, 2013, 22:45
Since the reference to the Greeks is made, some of them determined that a crazy man running down the street shouting that the Sun was shining was not enough of a reason to declare that the Sun is shining. There was something else at work.

The Sun shines does not need to be defined to be. And things do not need to be named to be.

Greeks were not roleplaying when doing theatrics.

I know that is can be shocking, but people who came up with the idea of role playing knew theatrics existed. If they meant something similar to theatrics, they were not dumb, they could have named it threatrics or acting.

The core concept of roleplaying games is not playing a role, the core concept is role playing, which means acting out of a role, elaborating decisions according to a role.

When invited to roleplay a situation as a salesman, you have a rulesbook. The one the firm sets. They are the ones who tell what the role is about and means.

The interviewer and the firm he interviews for set out the expectations they have concerning the role and they want the candidate to elaborate their decisions and their course of actions relatively to the role. If the candidate's actions do not reflect what the role is supposed to be, well, it comes up with consequences.

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