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February 12th, 2013, 02:30
Originally Posted by cacaro View Post
I'd like to point out one of the exceptions (at least for the second point): Dragon Wars. Not only most situations have multiple outcomes (such as getting out of Purgatory in the beginning), but some of your choices can lead to pretty interesting consequences (such as a town getting destroyed). I also second the Dark Sun endorsement.

The Buck Rogers games are an exception, though. In spite of the high combat rate, they offer skill-based gameplay (with a ridicolously extensive skill system) as well as some very interesting instances of choices and consequences (such as the multiple ways you can deal with some factions in Matrix Cubed, with appropriate consequenes in the last mission)
Nice insights there. Those games sound interesting. This is why I like the Watch, lots of veteran RPG gamers around these parts. When I have some time to really dive into the old, old games I will be sure to make a few threads about them and pick your guys' brains more about these forgotten gems
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