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February 12th, 2013, 02:43
woah woah woahhh! You guys are all incredibly against something that's not necessarily such a horrible concept. Something that's already implemented more or less in a whole lot of games.

When I see an interesting player in a game, I'll examine them to see their armor type/stats/whatever. We do that in our everyday lives: look people up and down, make an assessment about who we think someone is. Good MMOs ( know thats a contradiction of terms for some!) have the option to look at, examine other people. I remember when I was playing Diablo III and was at the character screen, I would always pop in to see how my friends were doing by checking out their characters, where they were, and how far they'd gotten in whatever mode they were playing.

I'm not talking about having an omnipresent social media invasion in some SP game, the last thing anyone wants is some crappy Twitter/myspace/facebook nonsense popping up, or a windows saying "your friend just leveled up!" or something. But it wouldnt necessarily be a bad thing to be able to have a way to check up on friends if you'd like, and see how things are going and what theyve been up to in the context of the game world itself. We do that in the real world, I think it's not too far out to imagine that our alternate selves in the fantasy realm may have similar curiosities and relationships.

I dont necessarily think that could be deemed "the future of RPGs" any more than any new innovation or feature would, but it's something that could develop into fun and interesting feature
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