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February 12th, 2013, 04:39
Originally Posted by Cerberus View Post
Not yet, there are zero incentives to keep you playing. I'd wait for the expansion, even then they'll have to fundamentally change the game to make it worth our while. I am rather pessimistic about the whole thing. Meanwhile, if you like the genre, you should give Path of Exile a try, it's free and definitely worth checking out.
I agree with the Path of Exile suggestion. I find the level layouts a bit confusing, but besides that, it's pretty cool for something that's free. The only thing you have to pay for is microtransactions, & even then, you really don't need them. The transactions consist of pets & special graphic upgrades to your character. Give it a try.

Personally, I'm getting sick of D3. I haven't played for weeks & now I just log on once-in-awhile to make sure nobody's messing with my account. The nail in the coffin was the Infernal Machine for me; I spent days trying to get all the keys only to find out that you can only go through the damn thing once before having to start again. The expansion will get me playing again, but only when it's in the bargain bin. Hell, Dungeon Siege 1 & 2 were more enjoyable than D3.
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