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February 12th, 2013, 04:18
To repost my reaction from PC-Gamer….

There's actually something fun they could do along these lines: recordings. Not flat out video recordings but recordings of player input. Just get the game's starting state then track all player input plus all the random numbers generated (if any) and record those. You could then take that file, send in the same inputs at the same time, and the game will play exactly the same way.

Make one of those recordings automatically for some of the big battles or perhaps on demand. When you finish one of those battles then you can go back and replay how it was done. Pull down one of your friends' recordings and you can watch how your friend did it. Maybe even put them both on a split screen, or have one real and one appear as a ghost.

I think that would be pretty neat for the more action oriented games. The file size shouldn't be all that big, either. Game patches could make recordings play wrong but oh well.
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