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February 12th, 2013, 08:23
The man speaks the truth, you can certainly do far worse than Two Worlds.

The game can quickly become quite easy for the experienced rpg player, and it definitely has the most delightfully horrible dialogue ive ever heard. But has very fun exploration up there with the likes of TES games, made all the better by good horseback riding gameplay (which was better than it's rival Oblivion's horseplay). You can attack while mounted as well, which doubles the horseback awesome factor. The combat is decent, but as I said can get easy quick for an experienced grinder and traveling salesman. You can amass cash and upgrade your gear to the point that youre laughing a good deal of enemies off within a few levels of being a runt.

And it's a decent looking game as well, at least if you have realistic expectations for that period in PC game history. I cant vouch for the console version, I played the PC only so I can only vouch for that version when I say I had no real technical issues, other than an occasional crash maybe.

I like the game quite a bit, and agree it's gotten a bad rap. It's got some warts, but for the now-budget price of what is a very huge game, you cant go wrong.
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