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February 12th, 2013, 18:52
Derpety, derp.. Bioware didn't even include weather or day/night cycles in their latest games, neither do they care for NPC A.I (NPC schedules etc) or that the player should be able to interact with the environments (try to swim or climb in Dragon age or ME, or any of their games for that matter..).

They're the last people who should talk about the future of RPG's because they're clueless, they still do the same games as they did 15 years ago, but with updated graphics and sound. A.I is still on the same level as in BG (in ME1 your companions couldnt even open doors,lol), world interaction is still the same (can't swim, can't jump etc). Day/night and weather cycles are now removed (they had those in BG, for those that remember), they're taking a half step forward, 1 step backward..

And yes, i'm an grumpy old man, too bad Bioware arent grumpy old men as well, then we'd probably have some pretty good games coming from them
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