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February 13th, 2013, 03:12
Rock, Paper, Shotgun has interviewed Chris Taylor about Wildman, Kickstarter and much more. It is an interesting read, although it probably was made before the decision to shut the Kickstarter Wildman campaign down. Here's a quote about some advice he got:
The numbers were not there," he insists, eyes shifting downward. "They weren't even close. 75K on the first day. Other comparable Kickstarters have done 300k, 700k. Feargus and Obsidian made their goal in 24 hours. We were off by over an order of magnitude." "So a friend with way more experience in this business than me - 30 years - said, ‘You've got to shut the Kickstarter down. It's gonna leak that you did the layoffs, and people are gonna wonder why the Kickstarter's still going.' But another friend of mine made a really impassioned point to me. He said, ‘You know, the people who backed you are going to be super upset. They're gonna be pissed about this.'"
Here's a quote on why he doesn't want to sell his company, Gas Powered Games:
"I've been doing this a long time," he offers wearily, boisterous presence almost shrinking. "I've been fighting on the field for 15 years as an independent developer. I don't want to sell my soul. I've turned down all these opportunities to do it, and it wasn't exactly to the devil, but it wasn't a golden ticket either. I knew if I sold, I'd probably be shut down in three-to-five years. I didn't want that. I want Gas Powered Games to go on for decades. So I've been fighting and fighting and fighting."
More information.
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