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February 13th, 2013, 05:01
Chris Avellone has started his Let's Play Arcanum over at the Obsidian forums.
Currently Iím playing it without any fan patches, I want to play the release version. Part of me wants to contrast and compare if I do a second modded version (probably doing a tech-focused run). If that ends up being problematic, Iíll add the mods and then do a rush playthrough to get back to the point I was at so you guys donít have to sit through the second playthrough. Well, unless you want.

Feel free to post suggestions for how youíd like me to play it on our forums or in YouTube's comments for the video Ė for right now, Iím just playing it as I would normally, which makes it a lot more relaxed. Hopefully, my in-game reactions and critiques should be enough if youíre interested on my RPG takes on any elements in the title.

If you have any questions about how I felt about certain elements (aside from Virgilís sass), feel free to drop me a tweet at @ChrisAvellone and Iíll do what I can!
More information.
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