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February 13th, 2013, 04:59
Originally Posted by Wonko the sane View Post
Okay. I'll admit it, I was disappointed. HOwever, I still went over the disc best as I could (and will be doing so again.) and I can safely confirm that I did indeed own this disc in the 90's. Some times, its the stupidest things which trigger memories, and this retarded little program called "wineyes" tripped my memory. I thought it was stupid then, I still think it was stupid, but there we are. I've owned this disc before. I guess I can either give up, or I can keep hitting up shareware discs and see if I can find it.
Considering the amount of shareware disks out there, finding the right one through trial & error might be quite hard. Heck, many of them had very limited releases, some were not exactly officially endorsed and sometimes you could even get cracked versions of games on these discs, because the makers of them did not bother checking what they actually put on them.
And there is always the chance that the game that you are looking for is a really obscure independently made game that just came and went without anyone actually noticing it, selling less than 100 copies in total. That is hardly unheard of in the realms of shareware.

Then again, randomly buying shareware discs does have its charm. You never know what forgotten gems you can find on them.
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