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February 13th, 2013, 13:36
Lemme rephrase the title:
Should I move from occasional smoking pot to getting addicted on heroine?
So what if it hurts my wallet, so what if it's nothing but a fraud?

I've said already, WoW is the biggest con job in the last decade I've seen. You get nothing from it except the addiction and Blizzard is earning billions on drug addicts.

And why on earth there is no article on the whole internet about legal drug dealers?
Also where's an article that compares those that bully you into paying them taxes every month instead of paying taxes only to your country, those that if you pay give you resources to win in the game and those that ask you to pay only if you want to support the devs but you can't buy your victory with cash.

Hell, I'll make a thread. Not today, I have to do a research on LoL changes first (season 3 started a few days ago).
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