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February 13th, 2013, 15:19
Very hard to see what this article is about how how it could be applied to computer video gaming.

The only way to do this is to create a more open-ended design, and to make what some games would term bugs or exploits to be perfectly legitimate approaches to solving encounters.
Bugs and exploits are perfectly legitimate approaches to solving encounters in video gaming.
The computer is not such a GM to declare a bug/exploit unfair. Only developpers through patching can do that.

If the scepter is in deepest dungeon of the Fortress of Horrible Death, the quest to obtain it shouldn’t break if the player simply tunnels under the fortress and grabs the scepter in five minutes.
Many games have already that, that allows speed runs.

An open-ended approach to creating challenges, including a willingness to make them completely unfair against a “brute force” approach, and a willingness to let the player ‘cheat’ his way to victory.
It is also already the case. Some games do not bother to implement multiple resolution paths and going the brute force way is a sure way to fail when trying to complete certain quests.
There is also no cheating in video gaming, at least in SP.
All the program can refer to is the lines of code. If the lines of code allow it, it is allowed by simple application of code facts.

The article handles delicate notions that are hard to apply to video gaming.
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