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February 14th, 2013, 05:14
Originally Posted by woges View Post
Brother None, I know what you mean (i.e not a full blown sequel) but spiritual successor is also called a spiritual sequel. A spiritual successor is a 'sequel of sorts' or subcategory of sequel so they are not wrong just less precise in terms of definition. There is no wrong in calling it either unless it's for legal terms.
First of all, thanks for skipping my post, pal.
Second, what you write here is pure semantics. Deliberately misinterpreting or misplacing the intent of InXile is actually misleading to readers no?

Originally Posted by woges View Post
If InXile don't want it seen that way they should stop mentioning PST in interviews and hiring Planescape people to work on the game, oh, and calling it Torment.
Sorry, but no. It's up to the individual to not deliberately misread and misinterpret what is actually intended. Obviously gaming media plays a role also to ensure myths don't get perpetuated. However, I've read nothing so far to infer InXile are making an actual sequel. It's both presumptuous and reaching at best to make this conclusion.
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