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February 14th, 2013, 08:23
Originally Posted by killias2 View Post
Furthermore, since when do sequels have to be related in terms of narrative? Look at, say, the Final Fantasy games. None of the mainline games are connected at all. In video games, a sequel often refers to a continuation of gaming mechanics/style/approach rather than a narrative sequel. I'm not sure why this couldn't apply here. It's true that I can't think of any notable exceptions in Western-style PC RPGs, but it still happens, even in narrative-heavy Eastern-style console RPGs.
The Final Fantasy games may not be direct sequels in terms of plot, but they are connected in a lot of ways. Many of the same items, monsters, weapons & armors, music, etc., are consistent throughout the series.

I don't buy that just having similar mechanics or style is enough to consider something a sequel. For example, I don't consider Bioshock to be a sequel to System Shock, and I don't think many people would.

It's a spiritual successor, and I think it's important to make that distinction.
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