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February 14th, 2013, 10:36
The game was never terrible - not even close.

But it was and still is a bad Diablo 2 sequel. Arguably a terrible one, though it does have some great stuff in it as well.

I don't think the GAH/RMAH was a question of greed - not at all. It doesn't fit their profile.

It was their way of trying to circumvent gold farmers and "illegal" selling of items outside the game, it's as simple as that.

A good way? Well, not MY way - that's for sure. I'd say it was quite naive - but then again, the entire design of the game is naive. Call it incompetent if you will. Jay Wilson was NOT the right person for the job.

The problem isn't so much the drop rate - which has improved tremendously since launch - but the itemization in itself. The items are BORING and poorly designed.

That's the key issue and it can't be fixed without a complete design overhaul. That said, they HAVE improved legendaries quite significantly - and the drop rates are such that people can find great items on their own. Obviously, IDEAL items will be on the AH - that's just basic math.

But they failed to correlate solo/small group players with those that enjoy the whole MMO aspect. They should have integrated a "no AH" mode - and made players of that mode invisible to those who played normal mode. That way, they could balance loot drops much more appropriately.

But that's not the only problem with the game.

In my opinion, the biggest problem always was the skill system. There's ZERO incentive to replay the game with the same class. A fundamental flaw that's so painfully obvious to anyone with the slightest understanding of the genre.

Conclusively, the designers of Diablo 3 did NOT understand the genre.




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