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February 14th, 2013, 16:39
Originally Posted by ChaosTheory View Post
Short answer: yes.

Again— loved Longest Journey and Dreamfall, but…

The use of Kickstarter should be for games that wouldn't otherwise be made, which is not the case here. Funcom has the resources, and LJ/DF had the numbers to support a sequel. So just DO it. Don't come out holding your hand pretending like it won't happen without free money.

Ragnar had basically been promising a sequel long before KS ever existed, but instead they went for the MMORPG cash cow (Secret World). Next thing you know, EA will start expecting KS funds to make more of their stuff… Free money is a great strategy when everyone is so willing to give, apparently. Unfortunately it's diluting the pool for those who actually NEED the funds for their work to see the light of day.
Game is in development without external funds nearly year before this KS.Funcom don't want to fund it because they no longer publish single player games.Even if they where able to get funding from them this is kind of game meant to be without publisher because even in time when Dreamfall published which wasn't ideal,but still better time for adventures than now they had to make some nasty compromises and put in combat and simplify adventure elements.Imagine what would publisher ask now.New TLJ should be without compromises and that can't be done with most publishers.
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