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February 15th, 2013, 10:33
Completed Dead Space last night.

I'm still surprised how well it held up, actually. I think I appreciate it more today than I did back upon release. I was disappointed back then, because the early game is extremely promising and shows the potential to reach System Shock 2 levels. But it quickly turns into something that's less about exploration and soaking up the atmosphere with lots of quiet moments, and more about predictable spawns and shooting.

However, this time around - I was prepared for it, which meant I could better appreciate the good aspects of the game. The story is really quite good, and the level design (as linear as it is) is excellent. Even some of the puzzles are a bit neat and clever. Not old-school challenging in any way - but slightly more demanding than the auto-solution stuff of 2013.

I think the most impressive aspect of the entire game is the sound design. Absolutely fantastic and is a huge part of the powerful atmosphere. The game almost topples Bioshock in terms of sense of place.

Now, I have to decide whether to go directly for Dead Space 2 (which I never completed) - or kick back and get started on Far Cry 3 - as something completely different. I know I'm going to have a problem with DS2 - but I hope my knowledge of it being a dumbed down shooter will help ease the challenge of getting immersed. I want the full story - and I expect some wonderful set pieces.




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