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February 15th, 2013, 10:40
Originally Posted by chamr View Post
On the Skill system, I don't disagree with the harm it did to replay-ability, but I have to say I'm fine with it. I like being able to try out all the skills and mix and match when I want to or when the situation dictates. I don't have time any more to play 2 or 3 versions of the same class through the game, so I'm content to play each one once, and a couple more in HC. That's plenty of gaming time for me. I may miss the fun of thinking out a specific kind of sub-class, but not that much.
You don't have time? So Diablo 3 is the last game you'll ever play (once)?

Because otherwise, that particular claim is one I've never understood about why people don't mind such a system.

I'm just curious, really.

Because if the game is sufficiently enjoyable - it makes absolutely no sense to me that people wouldn't want a chance to replay it with a new character and get a fresh experience.

People will move on to other games and spend their time there, so it can't be about having enough time.

If the game is not very interesting - THEN it makes sense that you wouldn't want to play it again. But the thing is that some of us LOVE the genre so much that we'd greatly enjoy extending its lifetime through experimentation and strategic planning. Half the genre is about strategy - much like half of Magic the Gathering is about building the deck, and the other is about trying it out. Being able to switch cards in and out DURING play would completely ruin the strategy of MtG.

I'd vote for itemization, especially as pertains to the over-simplified attribute system and how skills are overwhelmingly dependent on weapon DPS, as the biggest misstep by far. It was great fun in D2 to pick up a new item and really have to think about whether to swap out an old one for it. Or have those great "this item rocks!" moments often. Having the choice be obvious 95% of the time (94 of the 95% being "crack it") and only have a "this item rocks!" moment every few gaming sessions is a drag.
Very true.

However, that's only one aspect of the complete failure of itemization. You need look no further than games like Borderlands or Hellgate to appreciate just how much you can do with an item system.

Those games have unique gameplay tied directly into the weapons - and that's separate from the character skills themselves. So, one weapon will look, feel and play very differently from another weapon - through integrated mechanics.

I always felt that was a big step forward in the genre - and it boggles the mind that Blizzard didn't bother keeping up.

Just another sign they didn't understand much about the genre, sadly.




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