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February 15th, 2013, 12:22
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Bioshock had an incredibly powerful premise, setting and atmosphere. But as a game - it was about average.

It took everything great about System Shock 2 - dumbed it down and made it weaker and less interesting.

The story started out being interesting, but fell apart about halfway through. The whole "morality" concept of the little sisters was a very bad joke. Kill them or save them? Wow, the dilemma! The game was supposed to punish you for saving them - and yet you end up with special powers and anything but a disadvantage. There's a sequence where you have to do everything you can to save one, and yet if she dies - the game just spawns another one. That's some weak shit right there.

As a big fan of the Shocks - I can easily appreciate not liking the game. That said, I found it to be OK overall. Still a massive disappointment, though.
I'm not a fan of Bioshock, but I don't understand your "dumbed down" opinion about it. Weaker and less interesting I understand, It's your personal opinion, But dumbed down? Why? It's because it doesn't have the half-hour tuturial/ training course of the equipment/ characteristics management options (quite similar to Deus Ex, if I recall it correctly)? Or the logs for everything said and red before? But System Shock is supposed to be an RPG, right? I wouldn't call it that, because the interactions I remember mostly are zombie smashing, not dialogues, but anyway… Bioshock is a shooter. For a shooter it has quite a complex story - or so it seemed to me , because, as I don't like shooters, I gave it up after a couple of hours. Anyway, not trying to pick an argument, but the "dumbed down" thing (mostly applied in comparisons between older and newer games) is something I can't quite understand… Possibly I was dumbed down.
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