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February 15th, 2013, 12:44
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
In System Shock 2 - you had a much more intricate character development system, and you couldn't possibly attain everything (far from it). You had three distinct classes with distinct advantages.

In System Shock 2 - you had to pick your weapons and abilities very carefully - because you couldn't possibly gain access to them all. You had a very limited amount of upgrade points to spend.

In System Shock 2 - you had to carefully scavenge resources - and you weren't limited to "9" health hypos or "9" psy hypos. It was true survival horror - and you really had to manage your expenditure. You could end up with nothing left at the end, where Bioshock threw these things at you at all times. You literally couldn't run out of resources, making that entire aspect meaningless.

In System Shock 2 - you would go back and forth between the levels you gained access to. It was a major part of the game and made it a much less linear and predictable experience. In Bioshock - it's basically one tiny themepark after the other - with little or no consistency in terms of level design.

In System Shock 2 - you had a limited inventory, which meant you could only carry a very limited selection of weapons - especially if you wanted some of the larger ones.

In System Shock 2 - you had to maintain weapons and repair them when broken.

In System Shock 2 - you didn't find tape recorders the size of small people next to EVERY SINGLE relevant scene. You found logs that didn't necessarily relate directly to the scene in question. You actually had to piece a few things together to get a complete picture.

In System Shock 2 - you actually had to find and activate the character regeneration chambers - and because of the limited resources, it was a big deal if you died.

On and onů Stuff like that.

Yes, up to a point. I understand why you prefer System Shock, but all those things are unusual in shooters, aren't they? Even if the shooter is somehow inspired by the older RPG/Action RPG or whatever System Shock is labeled. I don't see why Bioshock was dumbed down just for being a FPS. Unless that's it, it is dumbed down for being an FPS…
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