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February 15th, 2013, 13:20
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Dead Space 2 was as good as I remembered it. A fantastic game till the end and right on par with DS1. I only hope DS3 is close to the same level.
I didn't find DS2 as interesting as the first game overall; it just seemed to resort too much to inundating the player with enemies and concentrating on the action, especially towards the last few chapters. Not quite enough puzzles either to my taste, although I did like the spaced out solar array section.

Also, I want more feeling of absolute cosmic terror in my Dead Space experience.
For me it got too much like just being Resident Evil in space (including the hokey voice acting) blended with obvious Doom 3 elements. I hope there's more ambition in portraying the space setting in the third game, though I won't hold my breath. Still, I'd be interested in reading your impressions thread.

Not really currently playing anything to be honest: Started a character in Avadon last week, but have mostly been playing some miscellaneous horizontal scrolling sh'mups on the C64. (Katakis, Parsec, R-Type, Nemesis and a bit of Salamander.)
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