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February 15th, 2013, 14:52
Originally Posted by MigRib View Post
This is the part where I disagree. Well, not quite a disagreement, but I have a different point of view. Maybe some games were more cerebral in the past (certainly not all) but in the way solving equations is a cerebral activity. I like to maintain a healthy cerebral activity, but I would rather read a book than solve some mind puzzles. But those are personal choices, personal tastes.
What really annoys me is the hipster mentality behind the whole "dumbing down" meme in videogames. Gamers always had a special place in their memory for the classics, but on the last few years (2 maybe 3, not sure) things went a little worse. When someone says this or that game is "dumbed down", usually they mean it the same annoying hipster-blasť fashion that could be translated as "that's too mainstream, dude". The same is valid for the love of old school games. Most times someone praises old school games I almost can read between the lines the message "I totally digged that before it was cool". So, that's it. Just one more thing - I certainly am not directing this semi-rant to you. I was just explaining why I don't link the "dumbing down" thing.
Yeah, again, I agree it's an overused expression

I'm not taking your position as a rant - and I can sympathise with it.

However, we're probably not quite in the same place in terms of HOW overused the expression is. The people behind the expression might be annoying "l33t wannabes" - but I find that it's sadly a very appropriate expression in many cases, even so.




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