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February 15th, 2013, 16:50
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I vaguely remember Salamander too. Wasn't that by Konami? Very similar to Gradius iirc.
Yes indeed. It was set in the same universe but came a year or so later.
I know Gradius as Nemesis incidentally. That's also a seminal classic of the genre.
Whilst I've never finished too many of them, I do enjoy the challenge of bettering one's score and the thrill of getting that bit further. It's a style of game that usually brings unique soundtracks as well.
R-Type is certainly a notable one. Chris Huelsbeck rocks!

The beauty of the C64 is that it's loaded with hidden gems to try in many genres and this one is no exception. Enforcer, Armalyte, Delta, IO - there's four more horizontal scrollers and they're all great.

Thanks for the information on Dead Space 3. Sounds…big! I might wait for the inevitable price drop I think. Care to elaborate more on the aggravating design decisions you mention?
Seriously though, DS2 on hardcore became quite ridiculous towards the end.
For me there was just too much reliance upon mass mobs and the survival of attrition rather than genuine pacing and tension through gameplay. That said, I did like the otherworldliness of the ending more in the second game.
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