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February 15th, 2013, 16:54
I didnīt like Bioshock, it was easy, you could kill anything with your wrench (repeat after Vita chamber), no Stress, no Fear factor, boring gameplay due to too much Ammo and to light in the RPG department.
System Shock 1 & 2 are still part of my favorite games list, the strong points already being said before, but the main difference was that was the sense of loneliness and danger that Iīve felt in that games.

I donīt think the term of "Dumb Down" is inappropriate for the games in general, Iīve just finished Amalur (I try to finish everygame I start) and I felt the experience very Hollow, and Amalur is the Typical Dumbed Down game of now days. I got bored of reading every dialog line (the first in a game) and just followed the circles to complete some quests and I didnīt have any dificulty in completing them.
I miss the RPGīs where you had to read to find clues and then think about what you just read just to pass some choke point in game (yes I prefer a little linearity in games than total "Do what you want" that permeates the Elder Scroll franchise).

I Miss the games Like SS1&2, Arx Fatalis (I liked dishonored) and Ultimas (Uderworld included), I miss the challenge from that RPGīs.
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