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February 15th, 2013, 17:46
Only today, Mass Effect trilogy as a mystery sale on EA's Origin store is -50%.
For 25€ you get all three games.

But before you jump into it, there are a few side details I have to mention.
ME - you get everything.
ME2 - you don't get half of DLC, for everything you need to spend 3440 so-called bioware points.
ME3 - again not all DLC, for those you don't get 3280 so-called bioware points are needed.

Bioware points, as I've said in my previous posts, is a nonexisting currency. EA is not a bank nor a country, but you still have to convert real currency into this illegal and taxfree one to be able to buy DLC for ME games.
1600 bioware points will cost you 16€, so if you want to buy all possible ME DLC you'll have to spend about 4x16=64€.

Or in other words, the trilogy, but everything, will cost you, "ON SALE", 90€.

There was a time I really hated Ubisoft's DRM, but they've never introduced an illegal currency in their uplay webshop and never made uplay running in your taskbar on default. And they put ALL their games on ALL other webshops which is a certain respect to the audience as the customer should be able to choose where to buy something. Not to mention that unlike EA's sales region locked (for example KoA sales for NA only, then some other for UK only, etc) if something is on sale in Ubisoft's webshop, then it's on sale for everyone, even martians.

IMO EA and their fraudulent business model with obvious discrimination of customers should be ashamed.
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