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February 16th, 2013, 11:14
I think his games are great. The graphics/ui are fine with me, I don't need him to change anything. Especially not at the cost of content. The problem I have with older graphics is heavy pixellation, but these graphics are sharp. They also remind me ( fondly) of my rpg boardgame period. Changing the avatar portrets was very welcome, though.

On a side note, and somewhat uncanny: I think our musketeer touches upon something very important. He can't stand the games, but still recognizes their quality (I may be stretching what he said too far). There is a lot of good music I don't like. For instance Eric Clapton and most jazz music. Same with books, movies and games. For instance Arcanum. It's a good game, but it didn't do anything for me. Then there are also low quality things that I for some reason like. Power metal (not that bad, but the formula can be very predictable, stereotypical and of the yet-another-album and me-too type). And that unmentionable Might and Magic game, for example. It had a lot of the qualities you'd expect from a bad game. But i had great fun playing it.

Pibbur who knows he's posted yet another reason, in addition to his socialism for dte to despise him, that he's tainted, and that he should feel ashamed. Sadly he isn't.

PS. Another thiNg i liKe wiTh mr. Vogel's games iS that they work very well on my iPad. TaiNted agaiN. *siGhs* DS.
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