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February 16th, 2013, 15:38
Originally Posted by Nameless one View Post
Thanks for sharing that info.I did enjoy both dead space and I was planing to potentially buy DS 3 when prices drop low enough but this kills it for me.
It's actually not a bad game at all really. I just don't think it's as good as the first two mainly for the reasons I listed. It's actually superior to DS 1&2 in some aspects, just not enough to overcome the flaws.

I'm having a lot of fun though, and I'd say it's definitely worth buying once it drops in price or goes on sale.

Originally Posted by danutz_plusplus View Post
I don't think I'll need to anymore. I don't think I'm gonna play Dark Souls anymore. It's sadistic as hell. I just spent 5 tried to get to that metal-armored bull (or what the hell he is), and it seems like I'm either getting worse every time, or I don't know, but I can't even seem to get to the bull anymore.
The armored boar is easy if you have any kind of ranged attack. Approach until he starts to charge you, then turn around and run to get up on the ledge near the gate. If you do it right, he won't be able to hit you, and you can hit him with magic, etc., until he's dead or low enough on health to finish off easily.
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