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February 17th, 2013, 00:43
Originally Posted by EvilManagedCare View Post
Played Phantasie I & II on my C64 back in the 80's. Never wanted to play the series because I thought having "evil races" as PCs seemed dumb. A friend recommended it and I loved them although #2 went unfinished. There were some bad design decisions such as not being able to enter a certain dungeon without a minotaur in the party. But overall it was great fun, with lots of puzzles & flavor text in the dungeon. You could even print out the maps and quest entries.

As commentary on how different things were then, before the WWW and finding answers at the click of a mouseó I actually had to call the SSI hint line a number of times, all the while racking up huge long distance charges. On one occasion I remember even speaking directly with someone from SSI. Another time I remember while playing the Magic Candleó again in the 80s, calling Mindcraft when I was stuck and speaking with one of the employees at length. He really must have been bored. When I finished the game, I was so overjoyed and loved the game so I called Mindcraft to tell them how great Magic Candle was. I happened to get Ali Atabek himself on the phone and was able to tell the creator himself. Assuming it wasn't an imposter, what an experience.
I'm a big fan of puzzles and flavor text in RPGs so I might give Phantasie a try.

That's a great story about calling the developers back in the day. Yeah things are so different now - though I guess with indie or small developers we can get a similar level of interaction - at least online.

I also played Magic Candle back in the 80s but I don't think I ever finished it. I remember filling many pages in a notebook with notes for it though! Ah.. the days before quest logs hehe. It was definitely a fun game - not sure why I lost momentum with it.
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