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Default Help me build a desktop PC for $2000.

February 17th, 2013, 19:39
Hello again. I've decided to at least consider building a desktop PC instead of a laptop, since everyone has recommended I do that because I can get more bang for my buck that way.

So I have $2000 to spend, and I'm looking to buy the best I can for that price. I want something that is going to last for years (hopefully) and play next-gen console ports and PC games of course for years to come. I probably will skip out on the next-gen consoles if I can play all the games on my PC.

I am probably going to build using the site cyberpowerpc.com, since someone here recommended me that site and it seems like a very good site for this sort of thing. If you have any suggestions for other sites that are comparable or better in your opinion, feel free to share.

So any help is appreciated. Just let me know your thoughts, etc, because I've been studying laptop components pretty heavily lately but I don't know much at all about desktops (and they seem much more complex when you are actually building one from the ground up).

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