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February 17th, 2013, 19:14
Originally Posted by xSamhainx View Post
That sounds like such a miserable game to play, I dont know why anyone would willingly subject themselves to such punishment! I hope you find peace, friend ='.'=
It might sounds like it's awful, and sometimes it is. It merciless when it comes to allowing you to make mistakes. But I think that makes the victory all that more rewarding. But sometimes I think it just goes overboard. And most of the times it's usually some trick you have to pay attention to. But the nature of the game is that it won't let you play around with things in the level unless you want to redo section over and over.

But what it has got it going for it, is very cool atmosphere. It's very similar to Severance Blade of Darkness. Another thing which it does nicely is level design. The levels are just plain cool medieval castles. And there's plenty of hidden things off the beaten path. I'm amazed at some of the things I've missed that I see people do in playthroughs.

But I can't seem to take it in very long bursts, or I'll lose my temper. When I get into a section that I keep having to redo because I die in different places, I can only take 5-6 retries before I have to shut the game down and do something different. What's really interesting is that I think the enemies sometimes behave differently that what you expect. I keep getting into situations where I fight the same type of enemy, I manage to get the killing of them to a routine, and once in a while one of those will suprise me by being way more aggresive than his previous fellows. And that takes me by surprise, I fumble and lose half my health on easy guys when I'll need it for later on tougher guys.
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