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February 17th, 2013, 21:12
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I'm keen to hear more about Impire - and especially how it compares to DK. So keep those impressions coming.
Well, it's definitely not DK. I'm not very far in, so it could change a bit as things progress. Building your dungeon is only a side thing, and your minions don't really interact with the rooms at all. It's not meant to be a simulation game; it's pretty much just a RTS dungeon crawl with some odd base management options.

There are some good ideas, like performing raids on the surface for different types of supplies or for side-quests, but so far that feels really under-utilised. Hopefully they'll add in the ability to get new minion types, special items, or something more worthwhile that way.

Some of the options for dealing with heroes seem a bit pointless, too. You can tag them different ways to get different sorts of resources from them, and you don't get any sort of feedback once you tag someone to tell you that you've done so, but it looks like you can always get that sort of resource more easily through surface raiding. Some rooms are only useful for extracting these resources from heroes, so you've got to waste resources and building space to get an option that's not very useful.

Since I mentioned feedback, I may as well talk about that a bit more. The game's not very good at telling you that it's responding to you. More than once I've ordered a squad to move, go eat (yes, you have to manaully tell them to go eat), or tried to cast a spell and not had any sort of reaction out of them.

It feels like they didn't quite know what sort of game they were making until they were almost done, and then never went back and changed the gameplay to fit that. It is fun, once you get used to it, but I think a lot of people will be chased off by the non-Dungeon Keeperness of it. The developers seem willing to listen to criticism, so hopefully they'll patch away some of the oddities in the next few months.
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